12 Creative Ways to Use Zodiac Oils

12 Creative Ways to Use Zodiac Oils

Zodiac oils provide for you a toolkit containing any kind of magic that you want to create. Whether positive or negative, it's worth exploring what these magic oils can do for you.

Zodiac oils are not one dimensional. In fact, they offer you an array of choices to meet just about any need. So here are 12 creative ways that you can use Zodiac oils.

1. Align with your sun sign. The best thing you can do is to understand your self. Use a zodiac oil to explore the light and dark side of your own sign. If there is something that you want to change or influence you may find that working with your own sign's oil can benefit you in many ways.

2. Use on a lover. Do you have someone that you are interested in? Find out what sun sign they are, and use that oil to influence them through spell work. Perhaps also you could use it to make an existing bond stronger. Combine this with candle burning and imagery.

3. Tap into planetary and elemental powers. Each zodiac sign has a planetary influence. So they aren't just meaningful from their zodiac face, but underneath they are layered with planetary and elemental meanings that can be used in the most basic but helpful ways. For example, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and is associated with the element of fire. Talk about a triple threat!

4. Use zodiac oils for meditation. Learn about the zodiac through meditation and mindfulness by exploring each oil in turn. Within a year's time you will have a wealth of knowledge relating to how each sun sign (and it's related pricipalities) influence the world around you. By doing this you can also appreciate the year as it goes by, through each season.

5. Use a zodiac oil to influence others. You can easily influence someone else in a positive or negative way by tapping into a zodiac sign's vibrations. For instance, if you wanted to cause conflict you could use an Aries oil. Maybe you wanted someone to be honest with you or to reveal information, so you try Gemini oil. Or you wanted to influence your chances of getting a raise - try a Taurus oil.

6. Use for self improvement. In the same vein, use a zodiac oil to enhance a quality that you may be lacking or that you want to amplify. Are you shy and want to change the way you relate to others? Try the Gemini oil. Or, if you need courage, go for the Leo oil. Feeling amorous and wanting to try something new or discover something hidden within you? Go for the Scorpio oil.

7. Use zodiac oils for theurgy. This is a type of magic that calls upon the aid of a god, demon or other outer force to help influence your spell work. Find out which god or demon you want to work with and research what qualities most align with the zodiac oil that you want to use. You can anoint statues or altar places for worship and spell work.

8. Use it for a money spell, luck or fortune. This is an easy way to influence your chances of increasing your material worth. Choose a good oil that aligns with the goals that you want to set. Choose a Capricorn to be steady with money and to help you to save. Chose a Virgo or Taurus oil to help you to build your wealth. And for some reason unknown, June seems to be the month with the most affluent billionaires born, so there must be a Gemini (and Mercurial) influence behind them. Tap into that energy!

9. Use zodiac oils for divination. As you work through learning the tarot you can choose an oil to help you dive deeper into each card's meaning through meditation. Just like many things in the occult, tarot also is ruled by planets and signs and elements. So use zodiac oils as an accessory to your tarot work.

10. Use zodiac oils to celebrate the season. Choose an oil to align with the current sun sign, or for a solstice or equinox. There are two equinoxes, and two solstices each year, and each one aligns with a cardinal zodiac sign.

The summer solstice (coming up, as of the writing of this blog post!) is ruled by the cardinal sign of Cancer. The winter solstice occurs on December 21st and aligns with the cardinal sign of Capricorn.

During the equinoxes, spring arrives on March 21st and is celebrated by the cardinal sign of Aries. And, fall comes on September 21st and aligns with the sign of Libra. The year round gives us a moment to reflect on everything that is important in life, on a deeper level.

11. Use for defensive or offensive spells. Are you wanting to defend yourself? then choose an oil that is known for it's defensive qualities. Aries is a great match, for it's association with Mars. Don't forget that a person's moon sign is associated with the subconscious, and each zodiac sign has a dark side.

12. Use zodiac oils in a variety of creative ways. Use oils to anoint the self, during a ritual or spell. You can also anoint a candle for spell work to help boost your spell's influence. You can discreetly place a drop in a doorway, perhaps on the door frame, to influence whomever walks through the door. You can also add to a poppet as one of many ingredients. You can use a zodiac oil as a component to add to a magic wash or bath. Tap into specific energies by anointing crystals or ritual tools.

Well, I hope that this article inspires you to see the many ways that you can use zodiac oils in your magical work. Now head on over to the zodiac oil section here at Dark Moon Merchant where you can get your chosen oils today!

Best Witches!
Venus Satanas


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