A Satanic Witch's Guide to Using A Skull Candle

A Satanic Witch's Guide to Using A Skull Candle

A Satanic Witch's Guide to Using A Skull Candle

What's better than just a plain candle when you want to cast a powerful spell? A skull shaped candle isn't just an aesthetic piece for your altar -it can be an incredibly powerful focus for your magic, for whatever spell you wish to cast.

Skull candles are found in several colors: most often you will find them in black, white, red or green. For this guide, I will explain the benefits of using a black skull candle for your Satanic magic and how you can empower them.

Candle magic is basic in that you only need a few additional ingredients to add to your spell to make it potent. The most important aspect is, of course, the color of your candle.

A black candle is often useful for negative types of spell work, where you want to cause the breakdown of a situation, to negate or drive away something or someone, effectively to banish, destroy and decay. All of life requires a balance between light and dark. Dark magic provides us with the necessary tools for destroying things that are unnecessary or that have served its purpose and run it's course.

The Skull Shape is Symbolic

Skull CandleThe second important fact is that a skull candle is symbolic of the mind. Your skull candle gives your spell target a 'human' form, more so than with just a plain candle. But more importantly, the skull is, of course, the seat of the mind. It is where we have our thoughts and dreams and our subconscious. So in order to really target someone through magic, a skull candle could be a useful step up from what you may have been trying with just regular candle magic.

Your candle traveled far to meet with you and so it's a good idea - as with any new magical tools - to energize it and cleanse it so that your candle is a blank slate. What I like to do is to hold it over some burning incense like sage or sandalwood. Visualize your candle as a glowing orb in your hands as you hold it over the incense. You may even speak to your candle, bringing it to life through your powers by saying and feeling the words, "candle, you are now cleansed and ready for my use".

After this your candle will be ready to use for any purpose. Now it's time to get crafty! You can further charge it for spell work in several ways, depending on the theme of your spell. We will start with the most basic things you can do:

How To Dress your Skull Candle with Oils -

Oils are symbolic of energetic forces. Choose your oil carefully. If you are seeking quick action, I would recommend the Dark Moon Merchant Revenger Oil for dressing. It is a combination of several different oils, each one targeted towards an outcome, a special recipe made just for black magic.

However, if you wish you can also use black pepper oil, for its powerful fiery action, lemon oil for its sour quality and also for its relation to mercury and the mind, or take an entirely different route and use a sweet scent like honey oil to trick or deceive, rose to romantically influence someone, or even lavender to cause a state of calm and to influence the dream state.

Your oil is symbolic of the influence that you want to create. Remember if you are using essential oils, dilute your oil with a carrier oil so that it won't irritate your hands.

How you dress your candle with oil is important too. To do a spell that will add to your intent, rub the candle upwards. And, to make a spell that will take away or destroy, rub your oil on your candle downwards.

Carving Magic Sigils or symbols Onto Your Candle-

Carefully choose your symbolism for your spell. You can use an astrological or planetary symbol that will reflect your intent. Or you could create your own special sigil based on a phrase.  

My blog post How To Use A Magical Ink To Write Spells goes into detail on how to create your own sigils for magic. To carve your sigil, carefully choose the right spot on your skull candle. For something that you want to create or enhance, carve your symbol on the right side. To destroy or take away, choose the left side. Of course you could also place your symbol on the forehead or behind, the choice is yours.

You can use a knife, or sharp object to carve it carefully. As you carve your symbol, feel the energy flow from your hands and visualize your intent as if it had already been done!

Added Intentions -

In addition to this, you can also write out your intention onto a piece of parchment and place it underneath your candle. Another good tool to have is a photograph of the person that you want to influence. Through the idea that like is like, your target's photograph is a representation of them.

Your Candle As A Poppet -

You can also treat your candle like a poppet. A poppet is a magical representation of your target, often given a human form.


Don't want your target to see your actions? You can 'blind' your target by sticking hot pins into the eye sockets. While this won't actually blind someone else, it is a symbolic form of binding whereby the pins represent your ability to act without being seen, or for your victim to be blindsided with unfortunate events.

You want to silence your target? In addition to this you can also stick hot pins around the mouth area, to silence your victim or prevent them from speaking about you.

Timing your Satanic Spell -

Skull candles aren't like traditional stick or pillar candles so they burn differently. You will find that they burn slowly so your spell will last over a period of time. For extra effect, time your candle burning with the phases of the moon.Begin on a full moon and let it burn until the next dark moon - for a destructive action. And burn it on a new or dark moon until it's full for something that you want to create. However, do not burn it continuously, never leave a candle unattended.

And, if you burn your candle at night, when your target is sleeping, all the better. It is know that magic that influences the mind works best when the target is in a relaxed state.

Skull candles are round so they will drip quite easily. Burn your candle with a plate or dish underneath it, so that you won't get candle drippings on your altar space.

Treat your candle like a living thing that embodies the essence of your spell. You can speak to it while you light the wick, awakening it with your words. Burn your skull candle nightly until there is only a little left. Extinguish the flame with the tip of your dagger or with a candle snuffer. And when you are ready, you can dispose of your candle in a fire, or bury it, or save it to melt down for later.

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