A Satanic Witch's Guide To Working With Crystals

A Satanic Witch's Guide To Working With Crystals


Tap Into The Power!

Crystals and stones bring us closer to nature, and the closer we are to nature the closer we are to Satan. While crystals are beautiful to look at, they serve a purpose as well. Crystals can help to attune, ground and project energies within you. Crystals can also be used for spell work, for divination and many other useful things.

Years ago when I first started my journey into witchcraft, I was attracted to the allure and sparkle of crystals. I knew they were special, but I really didn't understand their purpose or how to work with them. So i spent time reading about their powers and discovering their qualities.

My First Crystal

The crystal that seemed to attract me the most was the Amethyst. I was attracted Amethyst Crystalto it because from what I read, it helped with psychic work, dreams, and intuition. So I went to my local witchcraft shop and bought my first crystal. It was a beautiful amethyst geode that I still have today.

The purpose of buying this crystal was to use it in dream work. So I spent time learning about the properties of amethyst. I spent time holding it and meditating with it. I also placed it underneath my pillow to aid me with dream work.

I grew closer to my crystal every day as I learned more about it. Then one day it happened. It all made sense to me. I was holding it in my right hand visualizing the energy flowing through me and out the other side. Not only could I see it in my minds eye, I could also feel the energy flowing through me. That was my first connection with a crystal. The crystal became alive to me, full of energy and power.

It was from then that I realized that this same powerful energy is contained within all crystals. Their uses are limitless, bound only by your creative imagination.

Crystals Are Physical and Spiritual

When I say that crystals are alive, they aren't alive in a physical way, like a living breathing thing, but rather like an energetic force. As crystals form within the earth they seem to grow just like a living thing. And they respond to you just like something that would be alive. The things that happen to you while you work with a crystal are it's way of speaking to you.

And in working with crystals, I learned to use my mind's eye, and the power of visualization. This is the ability to see the spiritual world within. You can do this too. This take time and practice because you have to start using your mind and body in ways that you never have done before.

We are all comfortable with the physical world, that's easy to experience.  Just look around you, or touch something and you can experience the physical. The spiritual world is more subtle, however. That is because it is layers of energy within everything around us. The physical is only a manifestation or culmination of this energy in it's slowest, densest form. In order to tap into that spiritual energy you have to attune yourself to it. One of the best ways to do this is by working with crystals.

Working With Crystal Energy

While there are many kinds of crystals you can work with, the most basic crystal is the quartz. This is a universal kind of crystal that absorbs and projects energy quite easily. It never really has to be charged, re-energized or cleansed. It is perfect as it is. It is self sustaining and very easy to work with. It is also among the most common crystals around so it is very easy to obtain.

When working with a crystal for the first time its always best to take the time to research it and find out all the qualities that stone contains. For instance, quartz is very unifying and energetic, clarifying and grounding. it's the perfect type of stone to use in meditation.

Here is a simple exercise that you can try to help you to attune to spiritual energies and awaken your mind's eye.

Your physical mind is weak, and you've been taught to leave imagination and intuition behind. Your mind may never been exercised in this way, so it may feel like a new experience. But, this is how you learn.

Sit in a relaxed position in a quiet, secluded area. Close your eyes and bring your hands together and visualize a glowing light, an energy flowing between them. As you visualize this, just imagine what it would look like and feel like. It doesn't matter whether its really happening or not, or what it represents, its just part of the process in using your mind in a different way.

Now, while you visualize the energy that is glowing between your hands, pull your hands apart. Imagine what that would feel like. Feel how the energy changes when you bring your hands back together. The power is within you to do this, it just takes some practice and a willingness to open yourself to these kinds of experiences. This is basic energy manipulation and being able to do this will make it easier to experience the energy of crystals.

To mediate with your quartz, you are going to use this same kind of exercise. Find a quiet place to be alone and sit in a relaxed position. Hold your crystal in your right hand, this is where you will receive the energy in your stone. With every breath, visualize energy entering into your body, flowing through the stone in your hand. Visualize the power of the stone, glowing.

If you can't feel it right away, you can always imagine what it would feel like. Once you no longer have to imagine and it happens on it's own you will know it is working for you. As the energy is passing through your body, have it pass to the other side and exit out your left hand. Once you are able to feel this power you will have tapped into the energy of a crystal and it is ready to use. It is attuned to your personal vibration. It becomes bonded with you and your purpose.

A Crystal's Many Uses

Once you are able to easily bond with crystals and build a working relationship with them you can work with them in a myriad of ways.

During spell work you can hold your crystal or place it on your altar and charge it with purpose. Then you can bring that crystal with you and keep it on you throughout the day to help influence your results. You can charge a crystal pendant that you can wear and bring with you.

Crystals can be used like a scrying stone for divination, where you look into the crystal and are able to receive visions of the past, present or future. And crystals can also be used for dream work, where they can help to direct or guide you. You can meditate with a stone that will help you gain clarity in a situation or decide the right path of action to take.

You can also use crystals to charge your ritual tools and sacred space. You can charge or 'clear' your tarot deck with a crystal. Or you can use a crystal as a ritual tool itself, like a double terminated crystal that can be used as a wand to draw energy or focus it.

You can also place a crystal or stone in a hidden place to influence someone else's decisions without them knowing.You can use a crystal for a fortune or money spell, to attract a friend or lover. The possibilities are endless.

You can use crystals for constructive or destructive purposes. It's all up to you on what you decide to do with this new found power. But remember, that a crystals general purpose is 'set in stone'. This means that it would be difficult to use a crystal for a purpose beyond what it is meant for. You wouldn't use a rose quartz to attract wealth, but you could use a jade stone instead. It all depends on the theme of what you are trying to attract or influence. That is why your research is important, it will help guide you towards your goal.

So as you can see, working with crystals and stones gives you an extra avenue and area of expertise that you can use in your daily life. This will help to improve your skills and allow you to take advantage of the spiritual realm. If you are curious about crystals, give them a try. It's an adventure you'll never forget.

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