About the Dark Moon Merchant Magic Oil Series

About the Dark Moon Merchant Magic Oil Series

A few words about my new oil blends:

I have really enjoyed the process of creating these oil blends for everyone. Much of it is based on my own intuitive way of working with oils and herbs for spell work. The mixtures for my Satanic oils are created with basic elemental associations in mind.

What's nice about this oil series is that you get an information card with each one, that tells you a story about the oils mixture and suggestions for it's use ~ and you also get an invocation or a prayer, depending on the mixture, so that you can energize your own oil when it's ready to use.

Oils have always been an important part of my own witchcraft journey. The aroma of certain oils bring me back to certain spells, and times in my life, where the magic really shone through. Scent has a powerful effect on memory. It can transport you to a sacred place where it's just you and your own magical will, making things happen.

Satanic Magic OilsScience has revealed only recently the health benefits for mind and body that aromatherapy can influence. But us witches have know this for centuries! The crushed leaf of mint that invigorates your money spell by motivating you, or the wisp of lavender that brings you clarity and peace - these are all things of the natural world that us witches have used for a long time to influence the world around us.

So in creating my mixtures, I use my own witch intuition. It has never lead me wrong! I created the kind of oils that I wish had already been bottled for me on my journeys. For example, a ritual to Baphomet, and an oil appropriate for burning would suggest all the elements combined, just as the Baphomet is representative of the "all manifesting". So, a mixture of four elemental oils is appropriate.

In my journey to create these oils, I am taken back to times in my life when I experimented with various spells, never really seeking to see 'proof' of them working, but instead enjoying the experience and journey as my way of learning the way of the witch.  Some oils that I've created are playful, and some are serious, but they all serve a purpose and can be useful in your own journey with Satanic magic.

And of course, we run across the problem that some young Satanists face today; it remains a fact that some Satanists who walk the atheist path shun all useful tools of magic and occultism and instead see these things as symbolic. Others still, choose to fully immerse themselves in the magical, spiritual and sensory experience of magic and ritual, providing a truly fulfilling meaning to ritual. It's not symbolic, and it's not for show. For some of us, ritual is for real.

This problem manifests itself most obviously when Satanists are confronted with the myth that Satanists don't use 'oils' or 'crystals' or 'tarot cards' or any other tool that is freely available to use in the spiritual world. This is a myth because there are many Satanists out there that use these kinds of things to connect with what feels like to them, the spirit of Satan. If Satan represents the material world, then we use the items of the material world, in their most sacred sense, to connect with Satan.

Items like herbs, precious stones, metals, crystals, incenses are part of the natural world. These are materials that for centuries, were considered to be some of the most valuable possessions on earth. Wars were fought and lives were lost over incense trading, a valuable commodity and at one time, a currency. Kingdoms rose and fell with the stealing, selling and buying of metals and minerals.

While today's world works in a different way, these precious resources are still valuable to us to explore. They are not just relics of an ancient past. They connect us with our ancestors who used the same objects long ago for spiritual reasons as well. Through them flows an energy, a spirituality that we are all connected to.

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding more blends to my shop. You can view them all here: Dark Moon Merchant Ritual Oils. When my journey creating them is almost complete, I will have enough to provide a guidebook with spells and ideas on how to use your oils to create your own magic.

In Darkness;

Venus Satanas



  • Perry Rickson: September 16, 2019

    So many occult/LHP supply shops simply buy products from Amazon or China and reship them whilst claiming to be authentic. So refreshing to see that someone is crafting items with a Satanic sensibility in mind.

  • Ravenna Satanas : September 16, 2019

    One quick added comment. Your info on sigils was very helpful and I’ve always combined the Pagan/Witch with Satanism. Currently doing sigil for financial help and very soon I will be purchasing some of your awsome products 🖤

  • Ravenna Satanas: September 16, 2019

    Wise words and timely products. When I’m feeling down about something stupid Satan sends me one your newsletters with just what I need to keep me on my dark path. Thanks and HAIL SATAN🖤

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