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Burning Incense On Your Satanic Altar

Incense is a basic part of Satanic ritual and magic. But, many people who become involved with Satanism are also new to the occult in general. While some aspects of ritual seem intuitive, here is some technical knowledge about incense and incense burning that may help you along the way.

Incense represents the element of Fire and Air, a mixture of will and enlightenment, and the energy of Lucifer. As the smoke rises from the heat of the flame, our consciousness is risen and awakened with the power of Air and scent. So, using Incense in a magical ritual adds a specific effect to your magical working.

Incense is used to help open your Satanic ritual or magical working. It can be used to consecrate your Satanic ritual tools for magical use. It can help to invoke demons, and to empower you for a magical working.

What is Incense?

More than just a pleasant aroma, incense and incense making is an ancient tradition, created centuries ago for the purpose of ritual, worship, spirituality. So when you burn incense on your altar, you are connecting with the same ancient forces that your ancestors worked with..

Sticks and cones, resins and powders - what are they? There are two different kinds of incense, direct-burning and indirect burning. Direct burning incense is shaped like a stick or a cone, or a powder that will continually smoulder when lit. indirect burning incense like resins, needs a constant heat source like brick charcoal, for it to be consumed.

Stick and cone incense is easy to use. All you need is a heat source to light it, wait for the tip to glow, and blow it out. Stick incense should be placed in a holder where it will sit upright. It should also have a dish or surface beneath it, so when the ashes fall, it won’t catch anything on fire or burn anything.

Cone incense is similar, but it should always be burned on a heat-proof surface. An incense cone can get hot as it nears the end, and it will heat up the surface of anything it is resting on while it is burning. So make sure that you burn your cone incense on a surface that won’t transfer heat.

Burning Powder Incense

incense powders are like a concentrated form of incense, often containing powdered resin and fillers that help it to stay lit. If it is burned on it’s own, powdered incense is best burnt on a heat proof surface.

If you gather your powder into a pile, in a pyramid shape, light the top, but don’t blowPowdered incense pile out the flame, and let it burn for a moment, it will stay smouldering for quite a while.

Certain types of powdered incense can also be shaped into a molded design, and burn continuously.

The best part of using powdered incense is that it is easier to craft your own recipes and mixtures. You can easily blend them together in just a few moments to make the perfect ingredients for a spell. You can’t do that with stick or cone incense unless you prepare them by hand ahead of time.

A powdered incense will burn on it’s own for quite a while. However, the best way to burn powder incense is to place it on a charcoal disc. This brings us to our second form of incense: indirect-burning incense.

Working with Resin Incense

Resin incense melts and smoulders on top of charcoal discs. That’s really the only way to keep pure resins burning and smoking. A charcoal disc is a round disc with a recessed center, where after it’s lit, it will keep your incense burning for a long time.

Resin IncenseThe best way to light your charcoal disc is to hold it with a pair of tongs. It’s important to use a tool, because you want to make sure the entire inside surface of your disc is lit.


Charcoal discs are self-igniting and they get very hot. You will see it spark and glow. If you hold with your hand it will get too hot and cause you injury. That’s the last thing you need when you are focused on spell work! So use your tongs, and your heat source carefully.

Then, using your tongs, place your brick into the container, hot side up, and let it burn for a few minutes until the surface is gray with ash. This will ensure that your brick burns evenly. If you place your resin incense on a red-hot brick it will burn very fast or have a hard time igniting correctly.

Burning Incense Safely

Your charcoal disc should always be placed in a heat proof container that is meant to be used for charcoal incense burning, like my star screen incense burner. Your container will absorb some of the heat but be cautious and don’t move or touch it until after your incense is fully extinguished.

It is advisable that you protect any surfaces where you are burning incense and you burn them in a heat-proof container such as metal or sandstone container. Also, if you place your charcoal in a container that is filled with sand, some of the heat will be absorb and it will provide insulation.

Add your incense

Sprinkle your incense powder or resin onto the charcoal. Start out with a little bit at first because powders and resins can create a lot of smoke, even in small amounts. Do not pile the incense upon the charcoal, or it will not ignite or it could extinguish. Depending on the type of incense powder or resin, a little bit can go a long way.

Cleanup and Precautions

It seems like common sense but never leave burning incense unattended. Do not let children play around incense whether it is burning or not.

Use caution when handing any kind of flame. A charcoal will burn very hot for many hours, whether it has incense on it or not, so be careful when you are discarding your ashes. Wait several hours to discard any ashes just to make sure that there are no hot coals that you are discarding that could potentially be hazardous.

Incense should be burned in an area that has ventilation. A good incense can smoke up a small room quickly so make sure that you have room to breathe.

Besides the technical aspects of using incense, the other half is the esoteric knowledge of what each kind of incense can do for you during ritual and magic..



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