Hail and Horns Video Chat Friday Nov 20th

Hail and Horns Video Chat Friday Nov 20th

On Friday, I joined some good company together with Theistic Satanist Marie Ravensoul, Luciferian Witch Kindra Ravenmoon and the host of Flatline 2 Beatline, Night Shayde to discuss Money Pacts and Sacrifice in Satanism.

This was an enlightening topic, where I found that we were mostly in agreement with pact making. It should be a solitary practice that is between the pact maker and their deity. There's no need to involve a guide, priest, priestess or witch to do it for you. Pacts are personal and are best done one on one.

We also discussed what sacrifice means for us as Satanists - and it's not what you may think. For most of us, sacrifice is an act of giving. Whether that is through our time and attention, devotion, prayers, or simply leaving something nice at the altar. That is all that is really needed to bond with your chosen demon or god.

We also answered some questions from the crowd that was there in attendance in live chat. All around we had a great time together. So watch our video below, Hail and Horns presents Money Pacts and Sacrifice in Satanism:



  • Peter : August 20, 2021

    Seems like a very nice time you had and some lovely discussions on Satanism. Hope I can keep in touch going forward on your satanic path

  • Kindra: November 27, 2020

    It was a blast! Hope that we can do this again soon. Thank you Venus for joining us. it was a pleasure and honor to have you on.
    Ave Saanas!

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