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This post discusses the art of using magic inks to create spells through words and symbolism.

A magic ink is a special medium that you can use to convey magical words of power. Together with your quill pen and parchment paper, you have the ingredients for 'traditional' spell creation.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any historical records of using tools like these to create magic spells. But, especially since the last century, magical inks, quill feather or dip pens and parchment have become part of the traditions of modern witchcraft and spell making. We can only imagine that witches and magic users in times past used similar tools to create the same effects with magic.


The Symbolism of Magic

Symbolism is important for Satanists because it is what keeps us connected with Satan's realm. The symbols of the pentagram, Lucifer's sigil, Lilith's moon and cross, and a host of Goetic seals are among some of the well known symbols that Satanists use to connect with the infernal realm.

The written word and symbols are an important part of magic. Magic is created through symbolism, so something as simple as a circle, a spiral or an arrow could have a magical meaning for you.

Symbolism in magic can be classed in two forms - traditional symbols, which were created long ago and have been used by many, - and created symbols, which are personalized symbols that you can use for your own purposes.

Traditional Symbols

Examples of traditional symbols from a variety of occult practices include planetary symbols, astrological symbols, alchemical symbols, Thelema, Ceremonial Magic, Hermetics, and a host of many other occult traditions.

There are also symbols that people have used from ancient cultures all around the world, from Greek and Roman times, from the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, the middle ages and even from the far East.

Any of these symbols could have a magical meaning attached to them and they can be used in spells. For inspiration, consult an Occult Symbol dictionary to find one that inspires you and aligns with your purpose.

Created Symbols

For a simplified method of sigil creation we can turn to the teachings of Chaos magick, where a spells intention is pared down into it's simplest form.

Mark Defrates, Chaos Magickan shares some of the conventional wisdom of Chaos Magick - "Sigils are magickal spells developed and activated to achieve a specific, fairly well defined and often limited end." So, they are great to use in the moment and don't have the same lasting meaning as more traditional symbols.

This leaves you free to create what you want without limitations.A method to build on your success a a magician is to sigilize things that can be gained in the short term.

For example, instead of just making a sigil for money, instead make one for opportunity to make money, such as a raise or promotion or new job. This is more specific than just asking the universe for money.

Financial gain could be appear to you in any number of ways including a lawsuit payout because of injury! So it pays to be smart and specific when it comes to casting magic. The more specific and attainable your goals are, the easier it will be to manifest into your life.

Creating Your Own Sigils

Making created sigils is an easy task that's done in many ways. This is Chaos Magick so the steps involved may not make much sense, but there is a method to the madness. Here are some of the most popular techniques:

Prepare for any sigil creation by going to a quiet, distraction-free place where you can focus. Gather your tools, (A pen and paper to start out with and your magic ink and parchment to draw the final sigil)

Letter Distillation:

Write down your magical intentions in one sentence starting with the phrase "I Will.." Fill in the blank and be as distinctive and focused as you can with your statement.

The English language is made of vowels and consonants. Begin distilling your phrase into symbols by striking out all the vowels. The A, E I, O and U (Y is optional!) portion of your statement, and rewrite what remains below it. Example:

"I will be deeply in love with a special person" becomes: "wll b dp n lv wth spcl prsn"

Take it a step further by striking out the double consonants: "wbdpnlvthscr"

Once the vowels and double consonants are removed, your statement becomes closer to being symbolic. The next part is where your creativity comes in. Using your intuition, take your spell paper and ink and combine all the letters into one symbol. As long as your sigil looks and feels right to you, that's what matters.Here's an example of my sigil below:


By going through these steps you have charged your sigil with intent by focusing on it. It is then ready to be burned in a candle's flame, or even stored somewhere to gather energy and influence a situation. As you get better at creating sigils you will be able to create them on the fly using your own technique.


A Simple Scribble

Another technique that I find to be useful is to use a simple squiggle or scribble to represent what I want. Simple images like hearts, arrows, dollar signs, spirals, X symbols, they all have their own basic use and meaning. I recommend this technique to those who have already had good results with using sigil techniques.

Another less complicated way to make a sigil is to draw out the alphabet in rows of  5, with the last letter Z at the bottom. Distill your phrase into one word, and use tracing paper to draw a line to each letter, so that you end up with a symbol.

One of the originators of Chaos Magic taught that the sigil, once cast and put out there into the aethyr, should be completely forgotten: (there should be) "a deliberate striving to forget it"

So cast your magic by writing a symbol or sigil, create it with magic ink and spell parchment, and include your charged symbol with your spell work next time you are in your ritual room!




Chaos Sigils, by Mark Defrates -

The Writings of Austin Osman Spare: Anathema of Zos, The Book of Pleasure, and The Focus of Life 2010 Revised Edition (Available at Amazon)

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