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How to use Chime Candles for Satanic Witchcraft & Spells

Candles are one of your most important Satanic spell supplies! If you don't really know how to use chime candles, this blog post will teach you some techniques.

Chime candles are smaller than your average candle but that doesn't mean that Chime Candles
as a magical tool they are any less useful! Incorporating chime candles into your
Satanic spell work can benefit you in many ways.

Chime candles remind us of birthday candles, because they are so small! The standard size is a half inch wide by 4 inches tall. They come in a variety of colors for any kind of spell.

Chime candles can be transported easily for spell work on the go. You don't need a lot of space to store them, and they always come in handy. Chime candles are an old standby in my own Satanic altar space.

I love to use chime candles for spells because when I cast my spell, I want it to be quick and fast acting. That's what these candles do. They are meant for quick spells or rituals. It's useful to not leave a large candle burning in your altar space, because some candles can last for hours!

To use a chime candle, there are several ways that you can prepare it for a spell:

1. Hold your candle and empower it with intention:

It's easy just to empower a candle before you light it. You should always do this so that your candle has purpose and meaning. In a symbolic way, the candle is representative of the element of fire, the magical will. A candle is just a candle, a blank slate until you empower it with your will.  It's the most basic element of spell casting.

2. Prepare your candle with magic oil before burning:

If you are just doing a simple spell on your altar a good way to prepare your candle is to dress it with a magic oil. Depending on what kind of oil you are using, it can have an additional benefit during your spell work. Choose an oil that will help to boost your spell, hold your candle and infuse it with intention. Visualize your result in your mind's eye to empower it. Then dress your candle carefully with your chosen oil, before you light it.

3. Add your candle to a spell bag to absorb intention:

A chime candle is small enough to be able to fit into a spell bag, making it a useful ingredient in your spell work. A spell bag is a small pouch charged with magical intent that carries ingredients for your spell. For instance, you can create a spell bag for money and material wealth by including a coin or a dollar bill, a small epidote stone or a rough emerald, a green candle, patchouli incense, and mint, a sigil on spell parchment (a planetary sigil of Jupiter, for fortune! or perhaps a symbol you create on your own) and a small bottle of patchouli oil.

All of the ingredients in your spell bag are favorable for money, growth and gains. Carry your spell bag with you during an important event, or place it on your altar, waiting for the right time to cast your spell. Then when the time comes, arrange your items on your altar, dress your candle with oil and intention, and light it.

The Best Way To Use Chime Candles for Spell Work
To properly use a chime candle, you should use a chime candle holder to support your candle while it burns. A good chime candle holder will be stable and prevent your candle from tipping over. I like to drip a few drops of wax in the bottom of my holder so it fits snugly, to set it for burning.

chime candlesAs with all candles, safety is important. never leave your candle unattended. Keep them away from pets and children, and away from drafty areas. Make sure your wick is trimmed short so you don't have a high flame.

It's easy to forget that your chime candle is burning because it's so small, so make sure that you extinguish it when you are done with your ritual work.

Now that you know how to use chime candles, go cast some spells! Dark Moon Merchant carries an assortment of Chime candles for your every spell need.


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