The Dark Moon Merchant Booth At The 2021 CFL Witches Ball

The Dark Moon Merchant Booth At The 2021 CFL Witches Ball

Welcome Welcome! Come One Come All!

The Dark Moon Merchant booth at the Central Florida Witches Ball was a success! It was a fun experience to be surrounded by so many magical people that night.

the boonies

The event was way out in an area that we call the 'boonies', a spot out in the woods which made it perfect for a witches gathering. After we set up people started coming in and having fun. It was wonderful to see everyone out in costume that night.

I met a few of my fans who came out that night. Thank you for being there! I had some items that I don't yet have in my online shops so if you stop by the next event you are sure to see something new.


Dark Moon Merchant BoothMy friend and colleague Winter Laake was there at the booth reading Tarot all night. He stayed busy for most of the night entertaining the crowd with his wisdom.

The celebration went on until late at 1 am with food, drinks and fun on the stage. It was wonderful that they invited a Satanist and Luciferian to attend their event. I never thought I would see the day where the doors would be open to people of the Left Hand Path as well. I am hoping to attend next years event at the CFL Witches Ball.

The next event will be in Orlando at the Moon Goddess Night Market. You can visit the next event with Dark Moon Merchant by viewing the Events Page for details.




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