Baphomet Altar Candle
Baphomet Altar Candle
Baphomet Altar Candle
Baphomet Altar Candle

Baphomet Altar Candle

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Back by popular demand, this is my hand crafted black Baphomet candle! The Baphomet is a symbol of mystery, worshiped by the clandestine Templars, and became the scapegoat for the Satanist movement!

Use it as a centerpiece for your altar space or empower it with energies for a spell. This candle comes with a black stand, and an invocation to empower your candle printed on pearl card stock. Measures 3 inches wide by 9 inches tall. This black Baphomet Candle will make a perfect finishing touch for your Satanic altar space!

While this candle is perfect for decoration, and it can be burned on it’s own, you can also use it as intended by burning a 1/4 inch well inside and using a tea-light instead, so your candle lasts longer!

These candles are handcrafted by Venus Satanas at her shop in Florida.
Venus is a Satanist with over 25 years experience in Satanism and the Left Hand Path. Each candle is ritually blessed with Satanic energies before it is shipped to you.

Handcrafted candle, unscented
Palm wax, solid color throughout
3x9 inches (7.62 x 22.86 cm)
Ships with a 3 1/2 inch (8.89 cm) wide candle stand
Invocation card included

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