Red Satyr Blend Ritual Oil Oils
Red Satyr Blend Ritual Oil Oils
Red Satyr Blend Ritual Oil 1/2 Oz Oils
Red Satyr Blend Ritual Oil 5/8 Dram Oils

Red Satyr Blend Ritual Oil

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Red Satyr oil is a handcrafted oil made at the Dark Moon Merchant Shop. It is crafted from one of my personal recipes of magical oils that combines the fiery qualities of Mars energy, creating an oil meant to attract a lover.

The Satyr was the Greek and Romans as a half goat, half human creature known for its erotic and playful nature. This mythical creature was known for its powers of seduction and attraction, luring travelers who were lost along the way.

Use this oil in lust and romance spells, for men or women! Red Satyr oil can be used for consecrating tools and energizing ritual candles, and for meditation.

Also, this Red Satyr ritual oil is infused with red garnet stones, a stone associated with sexual energies. Both the 1/2 oz and the 5/8 dram bottles have garnet stones. Each Oil from the Dark Moon Merchant shop comes with a leaflet and an invocation for charging your oil with magic.

This is a skin safe formula crafted with quality oils, created by a Satanic Witch!

Available in 1/2 oz size, or 5/8 dram sample size.

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