Dictionary of Satanism by Wade Baskin

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This is a classic for your library. The Dictionary of Satanism by Wade Baskin is a tome full of demonology and Satanic references. This is an entertaining book that will inspire you to research the darker realms even further.

Baskin's book delves into the dark and mysterious world of Satan with descriptive entries in this dictionary style book. All manner of demonic histories can be found within this book. It provides an excellent starting point for any area of research you might want to undertake.

The Dictionary of Satanism contains stories and legends of demons and devils, ranging from the far east to the western grimories. There are also numerous entries for the infamous individuals throughout history who were rumored to have signed a pact with the devil. Along with this are brief histories of infamous fictional and real personalities throughout history that were rumored to have a shady past.

Reading through this book will put you in the mood to dive deeper into the history of demons, witches, devils and dark historical figures.

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  • Softcover, 356 pages, illustrated
  • 5.5 x 0.89 x 8.5 inches (13.97 x 2.26 x 21.59 cm)