Taurus Zodiac Oil
Taurus Dark Zodiac

Taurus Zodiac Oil (Apr 20 - May 20)

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Capture the essence of Taurus and Venus in your ritual work with this bottle of Taurus Sun’s Eye Zodiac oil. Used for many years, Suns Eye is my personal trusted brand for magic oils. Comes in a 1oz bottle with a zodiac card for your reference.

Zodiac oils are useful when you want to draw on planetary energies for your magic spells. Each planet has it’s own qualities and they lend a special influence to your spell work.

Taurus, influenced by Venus, rules over all things that are beautiful and aesthetic. As an earth energy, Taurus is useful for spells that accumulate wealth. Use this oil for love spells, to create harmony and balance in a situation. Also, Taurus energies are useful for situations that require patience and determination. However, the dark side of Taurus lends itself to being overly materialistic and concerned with possessions.

Taurus 1oz (29 ml) Bottle

Zodiac card included

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