Capricorn Zodiac Oil
Capricorn Dark Zodiac

Capricorn Zodiac Oil (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

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Work with the energies of Capricorn and Saturn in your ritual work with this bottle of Capricorn Sun’s Eye Zodiac oil. Comes in a 1oz bottle with a zodiac card for your reference.

Zodiac oils are useful when you want to draw on planetary energies for your magic spells. Each planet has it’s own qualities and they lend a special influence to your spell work.

Capricorn, influenced by Saturn, is grounded and centered. As an earth element, it is industrious and inspiring and practical. Especially useful for matters of self-discipline when you want to make changes that require effort. The dark side of the Capricorn side can be selfish, demanding and arrogant.

Capricorn 1oz (29 ml) Bottle

Zodiac card included

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