Dragons Blood Resin Incense Kit
Dragons Blood Resin Incense Kit
Dragons Blood Resin Incense Kit
Dragons Blood Resin Incense Kit

Dragon's Blood Resin Incense Kit

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Let your rituals come to life with this Dragon's Blood Resin Ritual Incense kit! Included in this kit is 3-4g of Dragon's Blood Resin incense, and a charcoal for burning. Along with this kit you get a leaflet on the properties of Dragon's Blood Resin for ritual, and information on how to burn your incense. This is a great kit to try resin incense if you have never tried it before!

Dragon's Blood is a warm and herbal earthy fragrance. It is perfect for spells that require force and quick action. Use Dragon's Blood in rituals that increase your confidence. Being associated with Fire and Mars, Dragon's Blood offers an element of protection and strength during rituals.

In a Satanic ritual, use Dragon's Blood to connect with Mars energies during a cursing spell. The Satanic witch will find Dragon's Blood a useful ingredient in spells that increase courage and confidence allowing you to act without fear. Dragon's Blood resin also acts as a useful ingredient as a substitute for blood.

With this pocket sized kit you get 3-4 grams of Dragon's Blood Resin, and a charcoal for burning.

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