Cancer Zodiac Oil
Cancer Dark Zodiac

Cancer Zodiac Oil (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

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Capture the essence of Cancer and the Moon in your spell work with this bottle of Cancer Sun’s Eye Zodiac oil. Comes in a 1oz bottle with a zodiac card for your reference.

Zodiac oils are useful when you want to draw on planetary energies for your magic spells. Each planet has it’s own qualities and they lend a special influence to your spell work.

Cancer, influenced by the moon, lends energies of insight and perception. Cancer oil is excellent for increasing intuition and knowing through psychic or dream work. Cancer is a water energy so it influences the subconscious, inner mind. Also Cancer, symbolized by the crab, lends a protective barrier for the mind and the home. On the dark side, Cancer energies can be too emotional, defensive or closed off to others.


Cancer 1/2oz  Bottle

Zodiac card included

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