A Pact With Satan

Satanic Pact for Sale

Now is the time! This is the place! Take control of your fate! Create a pact with Satan with Venus Satanas. I will guide you through the process of drawing upMake A Pact With Satan a personalized pact based on your specific needs. From there, you will have your pact sent to you where you can sign it and seal your devotion and allegiance to Satan.

A pact is serious business, it is a bond made between you and Satan. It is Satan who is the god of the material world and so your desires can manifest in various ways through his forces. While all things are possible, not all things are probable so chose your request wisely. if you seek desire, lust, power, money, manifestation or alignment a pact with Satan can open the road, open the door.

When you feel the call of Satan and you are ready to align with his infernal forces, a pact will initiate you into the path of Satanism in a formal way. What better way to do this than by the hands of a Satanic witch, ready to guide you at your every step. Never feel lost or worried if you are doing the right thing. The right thing is what matters to you and you can do this with a personalized pact with Satan.

As your liaison, I will work with infernal forces to guide you, call upon Satan and commune with his forces to help write your pact according to your desires. Don't enter into your agreement blindly; you need knowledge and someone who is experienced who can guide you so you can achieve your best possible outcome.

You are not 'selling your soul', however, but you are aligning yourself with the infernal forces of Satan. Choose your words wisely; be careful what you wish for.

Your Personal Pact With Satan

buy a pact with satan A Pact of Initiation

Sometimes the study and worship of Satan and the practice of Satanism just isn't enough. You need a way to declare your allegiance to Satan in a personal way. A Satanic Pact of Initiation is for Satanists who are ready to take that final step in commitment and who wish to align their interests with Satan in a formal way. It is a transcendent and memorable experience that will forever change your life.

You have to be ready to break the ties with all former religious beliefs and enter into Satan's realm. I will help you to create a Pact of Initiation and guide you through the process according to your needs and desires.

This is not a soul contract, it is a contract for your allegiance to Satan while you are living. What you create or do in the material world while you are alive is most important to Satan and you can seal this with a Pact of Initiation.


Working in Satan's Service

As a Satanist for well over two decades, I have brought many new Satanists to the Left Hand Path and have guided two generations of Satanists to the gates of Hell through my teachings. My journey in Satanism was grown from a seed that I planted in 2004, and my own pact with Satan to work in Satan's service. I will share my knowledge, time and experience with you to help you to achieve your desired goals with Satan.

Satanic Services Offered

Satanic Pact of Initiation - $166.60

My services for your Satanic Initiation Pact include (but are not limited to): A hand written pact that seals your allegiance to the forces of Satan; discussion of your level of experience in Satanism and your desired outcome, counseling sessions and Satanic prayer, a pact drawn up according to what you want to achieve, timing your pact and divination for the best outcome, Ritual Kit for your pact; Your personalized pact and ritual kit are sent to you. Expert guidance for you along the way.

Requirements: I recommend that you must be a Satanist for at least a year before you make a Pact of Initiation. What path of Satanism you are personally on does not matter because we can construct a pact that meets your needs. I can not bring you to Satanism, but I can help you to initiate into the path once you are ready. Use my Contact Form to talk with me about working with you.