About The Dark Moon Merchant Shop

Welcome to Dark Moon Merchant – Created in 2018, this is the place to find all your Satanic Ritual needs. This store has all your Satanic Ritual merchandise that you are looking for.

This shop was created by Venus Satanas – Satanist since 1992 and author of SpiritualSatanist.com, LeftHandPathBooks.com, artist and author of the Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book.

Finding ritual supplies for Satanists can be challenging. You don’t always know what to look for or how to find it. Satanists need a way to express their spirituality. So, here at Dark Moon Merchant you can find all you need to create rituals and live your Satanic lifestyle.


A Look Inside My Studio..

I'm always creating new things here at Dark Moon Merchant! I love to be creative Candle Making at Dark Moon Merchantand I think its great to be able to provide handmade ritual supplies to Satanists around the world. I like to make the kinds of ritual items that can be common for Satanists, but hard to find.

Once in a while I post hand made jewelry at my Dark Moon Merchant store at Etsy.com. And, my Baphomet candles are designed by me and hand crafted at my studio.

Also, most recently, I started making beeswax candles that you can use for spells and rituals. I love working with natural products to create items that I would love to use myself in my own spell work.

Candle making

 Black Votive Candle Pouring

My Commitment To The Satanic Community

If you have any questions about the products here at Dark Moon Merchant please use the contact form. My goal is to provide you with quality products that you will be proud to use and display on your own Satanic altar.

My promise is also to provide you with excellent customer service. If there are any issues we can work together to make things right.

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