45 Minute Video Tarot Reading with Venus Satanas

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Get a 45 Minute Session video reading with Venus Satanas. Ask the questions that you want the answers to, gain insight into your life with a new perspective and meaning, with guidance from the Tarot.

This is not a recorded session, it is a live video chat session with me, you and the Tarot. Once you contact me for a reading we can set up an appointment time to do your reading.

I started reading Tarot in 2007 with an ordinary playing card deck. After learning how to read it, I bought my first Smith Waite deck. I started reading for clients on chat lines starting in 2009. However, I have always enjoyed reading for my own clientele who seek more spiritual advice than what is offered at Tarot reading sites.

My readings are different because my spiritual path is very unique. I started my path in Satanism and the Left Hand Path in 1992. Since then, I have spent countless hours writing about the path of Satanism and helping others to navigate their own spiritual journey. Many people have come to me for personal advice about Satanism, magic and the Occult over the years, and it is through this journey in teaching and learning that I have developed the spiritual gifts that I share with you.

Because of this my style of reading is quite different than what most tarot readers can offer, or are willing to do. Unfortunately, some readers water their readings down with sugar-coated, white-light, fairy tale promises. My readings are for clients who are sincere and who are seeking true and honest advice without all the fluff.

I do not use angels or ''spirit guides'' to do my readings because the only guide that I need is my own intuition, my own heart, my own mind, and my own spirit. My abilities as a reader do not come from some family history, nor does it come from some ''god given talent''. My talent and skill as a reader comes from many years of practice in reading both for myself and for clients all around the world. I have trained hard to be where I am today and I am willing to share my knowledge with you. As a Tarot reader, I apply this knowledge of the Tarot and combine it with pure intuition, using my skills to solve your issues or to help you with direction or guidance.

I want to be a caring, compassionate reader ~ but don't come to me if you aren't ready to hear the truth of what I see in the cards for you. While it would be great to always give good news as a reader, there are times when darkness and uncertainty is all that you feel. It is my goal, above all, to bring you back out into the light of realization and into a new direction in life, despite any negative things that you may be facing.

Whether its a bad breakup, your search for love, your quest to be a better Satanist, your desire to learn magic or spirituality..there are so many things that Tarot can help with, and I am here to help you to take advantage of what the Oracle of Tarot has to offer. Take the journey with me!

About my Services:

    My specialty is answering your questions on love, relationships, life and money. Tarot can help you to reach your true potential if you are open to receiving the messages that it brings to you.

Topics I will Answer:
       ~ Discover what is in your lover's heart, find out if they are being true!!
        See if your lover has been cheating, find out how and why.

        Discover how you can improve your relationships with friends.

        ~ Find out what is holding you back and how you can improve

       ~ Reunite with a lover by adjusting your life path so that you can benefit from my advice.

        ~ Get career advice to make the right choices in your life. Find out how to get or keep that job or what to do about situations with co-workers.

        ~ Empower yourself to make the right decisions

Topics I will Not Answer:

      ~ I do not give lucky numbers, lottery numbers.

      ~ No reading for third parties.

      ~ Nor do I read on pregnancy or health issues, legal or financial advice. Consult an expert in those fields if you need assistance.

Purchase now and book a live, in person video reading with me today! Once you purchase I will send you an email where we can discuss the best time to make an appointment for your reading. Readings are available through Skype or Zoom.

Watch my video for more information. Sessions are available in 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes.