Baphomet Backflow Incense Burner

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Bring the magic and mystery to your altar space with the Baphomet Backflow Incense Burner. The Baphomet sits upon a rocky throne, in full hand painted detail with a bronze finish. Behind her is the image of the Satanic Pentagram. It is an awe-inspiring rendition of the Eliphas Levi Baphomet.

Behind the throned Baphomet is the incense burner at the top, which when used with backflow incense, allows the smoke to surround the Baphomet figure. This Baphomet incense burner also makes a wonderful centerpiece for your altar space.

This burner works best with Backflow Incense


Measures 7 inches tall (18 cm)

Cold Cast Resin, comes with a backflow incense sample. View all the Backflow incense available at Dark Moon Merchant.