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Baphomet Devotional Pillar Candle Candles
Baphomet Devotional Pillar Candle Candles

Baphomet Devotional Pillar Candle

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A Baphomet Candle creation, for your devotional Satanic worship rituals!

This is my handmade Baphomet Sigil candle, part of my Satanic Devotional candle series. Standing at 5 inches, it is emblazoned with the classic image of Baphomet, the ancient symbol that is familiar to Satanists.

The Baphomet is a controversial figure, always a scapegoat of the people's sins. One legend tells of the forbidden Baphomet worshiped in clandestine rituals by the Knights Templars - and in occult legends, the Baphomet is known as the hermaphroditic figure that represents creation and initiation. Satanists have come to adopt the Baphomet as their own symbol.

Along with this beautiful handcrafted candle you will receive a prayer card, with a prayer for Baphomet from my Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book - and instructions on how to energize your candle with the powers of Baphomet and make your candle ready for your own secret rituals!


Unscented Candle, Paraffin Wax Blend Candle
5.5 inches tall (13.9 cm)
2 inches wide (5.08 cm)
Prayer Card & Invocation Included!
Made by a Satanic Witch ~

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