Beeswax Chime Spell Candles

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Need to do a quick spell? Would you like some handmade candles for your next Satanic ritual? Let these mini candles light your way in the dark!

These beeswax candles are clean burning and last for two hours. These candles measure about 4 inches long, and they fit perfectly in a mini candle holder.

Perfect for Satanists who have limited ritual and storage space, or for casting a quick spell. Made at the Dark Moon Merchant shop. choose from three colors: Black, Red and White.

- Black is an energizing color that can be used for grounding, worship, cursing, and casting negative magic.

- Red is a powerful color, associated with Mars and the element of fire. Red is useful for destruction rituals and also rituals for lust and power.

- White is a useful color, a blank slate that can be charged with any kind of magical intent


Hand rolled beeswax Chime Candles With an Instruction Leaflet

You can also add a Ceramic Chime candle holder to your order, available in Black or Silver, sold separately