Beeswax Pillar Ritual Candles

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For all your magical needs...A handmade pillar beeswax candle. Use this candle for spells, worship or rituals at your Satanic altar. Burns for hours while it clears the air.

Beeswax has a natural sweet fragrance, and it burns longer and brighter than other types of candles. The average burn time is 12 hours. Made with natural beeswax in a hexagonal pattern. Each candle is hand made so the shape may vary slightly.

The colors chosen for this candle series are familiar with those who work with Satanic magic. Black absorbs and reflects negativity and can be used for dark magics, while Red brings to us the power and energy of action and enhancement. White acts as a blank slate ready for you to charge in whatever color you wish. Comes with a leaflet on this candle's powers and practical uses.


Measures 5.5 inches tall 6.5 diameter (13.97 cm x 16.51 cm). Comes with an instruction leaflet.

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