Black Red or White Ritual Chime Candles Kit

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With this Chime Candle ritual kit, you get chime candles, Dark Moon Merchant ritual matches, a black ceramic chime candle holder, and instructions so you can create your own spell work.

This pack of ten solid chime candles are perfectly sized for a small altar or for a simple spell. Each candle burns for approximately 2 hours and the chime candle holder included is the perfect accessory for your spell work.

For Satanists, black represents the planet Saturn and Satan, earth energies, stability and grounding, the void, negative energies, destruction and protection. Red is an energetic color representing the planet Mars and the element of fire – it lends a power of action, desire, lust, dynamic movement and creation. And, white is a useful color, a blank slate that can be charged with any kind of magical intent. 

With this kit you will receive a leaflet explaining the properties of your chime candles, how to charge them and some suggested spell ideas.

Chime Candle Ritual Kit, in Black Red or White
10 Chime Candles
1 pack of Ritual Matches (13 matches)
1 Ceramic Black Chime Candle holder
Spell Instruction & inspiration leaflet