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These pillar candles are useful not only for lighting, but they are also great for magic and ritual use. They are long-burning candles that will last for at least 5 hours. Solid color throughout.

Black represents the planetary energies of Saturn and Satan, earth energies, stability and grounding, the void, negative energies, destruction and protection.

Blue represents spirituality, the element of water, the focus on a spiritual goal or endeavor, or to bring luck to a situation.

Red is an energetic color representing the planet Mars and the element of fire – it lends a power of action, desire, lust, dynamic movement and creation.

Yellow adds to the energy of spell work. It is often associated with the element of air and Mercury, it influences the mind, and aids communication.

Green is the energy of creation and growth, and new beginnings. It is also a great focus for money and finance

White is a blank slate that you can charge with whatever energy and intention that you desire.

Purple is often used for spirituality and the inner mind. It's great for a focus on dreams, matters of the heart and the emotions.


Measures 1.4 inches x 5.3 inches high (3.7 cm x 13.6 cm)

Fits most standard taper candle holders

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