Demon's Blood Red Magic Ink

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With the fierce blood of Demons you can sign your pact and seal the fate of your foes!

Demon's Blood Magic Ink is meant to be used with a dip pen. Crafted by a Satanic Witch, this is one of three magic inks from the Dark Path Shop that you can use for creating spells with the written word.

As the blood red ink drips from your pen into the aethyr, drawing the symbols and writing the words of magic helps you create spells of power, lust and destruction. Red is a color of strength and purpose, so this Demon's Blood Ink is a perfect substitute for blood signatures.

For your convenience, this short jar serves as an inkwell. Just dip your pen in and use it for drawing sigils, and for writing spells. Goes great with Dark Moon Merchant Spell Parchment.

Available in 1 ounce size or 1/4 ounce size