Garnet Gemstone Bracelet 6mm

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These Garnet beads are hand chosen for their beauty and arranged in a stretch bracelet style.

Garnet is believed to be a powerful stone often known for its power of manifestation and bounty. In legends, it's grounding properties enable the wearer to manifest their desires in the physical world. Garnet is also believed to revitalize the body and spirit and to promote endurance. These are the beliefs that Garnet has inspired in people throughout the centuries. What energetic spirit can Garnet create for you?

This bracelet measures 8 inches and stretchy to accommodate just about any wrist size. This bracelet comes with an information leaflet on the properties of Garnet. Add this beautiful piece of magic jewelry to your collection today!


  • Handmade by a Satanic Witch at the Dark Moon Merchant Shop.
  • 8 (20.32cm) Inch stretch design, fits just about any size wrist
  • Made with 6 mm Garnet Beads