I-Luciferian by Winter Laake

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 Writer, artist and musician Winter Laake released his latest book on Walpurgisnacht of this year - titled I Luciferian

The latest release by Winter Laake is I-Luciferian. Published on Walpurgisnacht, 2021, I -Luciferian is a masterpiece of creative Satanic writing guaranteed to inspire you on the Left Hand Path.

This book comes in three parts – the first part is the ever-important Luciferian Philosophy. This section covers some vital points points on Luciferian thinking. Winter writes about what it takes to be a Luciferian, in both mind and spirit.

Along with this is the practical side of this book – the Satanic Rites. You get an introduction to the rites, a black mass, and even mantras that you can recite. There is also a section on Satanic possession, which interestingly enough, isn’t really discussed often in Satanism.

The last part of this wonderful book is a look into the mind of Winter Laake through his poetry and short stories. All of the are darkly themed and are reminiscent of tales of old.

Along with this are a few surprises. The Foreword for I-Luciferian was written by Kenneth Anger, and also, the introduction was written by Venus Satanas.

If you are a fan of Winter Laake, or you would like to explore his work, add this book to your library today. It is available in a limited hardcover edition here at Dark Moon Merchant.

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  • Hardcover, 127 pages, illustrated
  • 8 x 0.28 x 10 inches (20.32 x 0.71 x 25.4 cm)