Kamini Poison Incense Cones
Kamini Poison Incense Cones

Kamini Poison Incense Cones

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Kamini Poison.. When you need that extra bite in your spellwork! Fragrant and floral scented, this sweet aroma will linger in your mind.

"An intoxicating fragrance to hypnotize and captivate your senses..."

Kamini incense cones are a blend of natural ingredients and special fragrances, a blend of traditional oils to enliven your environment.

Hold the tip of your cone over a flame. Wait until the tip burns evenly, forming a red glow. Blow out the flame and place your incense on the metal stand provided. Burns for approximately 15 minutes.

1 pack of 10 Kamini Poison Incense cones

Metal burner included

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