Large Maxine Miller Baphomet Statue

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The Baphomet is an important part of any Satanist's altar space! This is a poly resin replica of Eliphas Levi's Baphomet, designed by the artist Maxine Miller. It is beautifully detailed and expressive. At the base is a sun and moon symbol. It is hand painted with a dark finish, with a green wash making it look ancient.

In legend, Baphomet was the scapegoat of the people's sins. One legend tells of the Baphomet worshiped by Templars and in other legends, the Baphomet is known as the hermaphroditic figure that represents creation and initiation. Satanists have come to adopt the Baphomet as their own symbol.

Height: 15" Length: 9.75" Width: 6" (38 cm x 24.7 cm 15.24 cm)