Lilith Bronze Miniature Statue

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Lilith has an ancient history as a female demon, symbolized in ancient Mesopotamia, Assyria, Babalonia and Sumer.

Lilith is a creature of the night, known as a night monster or night hag, shown with her screech owl companions. Her statue shows her holding the rod and circle of Sumerian royalty. She was revered and reviled in ancient times as both a giver and taker of life.

As her stories changed over time, the Jewish legends of the Talmud demonized Lilith as the fist woman created alongside Adam, who refused to submit to her husbands demands. Cast out of the garden of Eden, she soon became lovers with Samael, and was cursed to give birth to hordes of demons each night.

Lilith's classical statue is presented in bronze, in miniature detail, both front and back. Her statue is standing at 3 inches tall and fits perfectly in smaller altar spaces. Feel the dark power of her ancient spirit by adding this statue to your Satanic altar today.

Bronze cold cast statue, 3 inches tall (7.62 cm)