Lilith Clay Statue

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Lilith has an ancient history as a female demon, symbolized in ancient Mesopotamia, Assyria, Babalonia and Sumer.

Lilith is a creature of the night, known as a night monster or night hag, shown with her screech owl companions. Her statue shows her holding the rod and circle of Sumerian royalty. She was revered and reviled in ancient times as both a giver and taker of life.

While some scholars might dispute her image as other goddesses, she has become symbolic to Satanists over time. Lilith adds a powerful feminine current to your magic. She is especially useful in succubus workings, and is a protector of women.

This statue is hand crafted from fired clay taken from the Ganges river. It is hand burnished with a silvery glow. This statue measures 8 inches tall, and has a base for display.

8 inches, fired clay (20.32 cm)