Lilith Devotional Pillar Candle Candles
Lilith Devotional Pillar Candle Candles

Lilith Devotional Pillar Candle

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A beautiful handmade creation, for your devotional Lilith worship rituals!

This is a beautiful handmade Lilith Sigil candle, part of my Satanic Devotional candle series. Standing at 5 inches, it is emblazoned with the image of the Sumerian Lilith, her creatures of the night, and her sacred sigil.

In olden days Lilith was known by many names - among them, the first wife of Adam who broke free to become her own. In her image she is surrounded by the owl, and creatures of the night, where she was known to the ancient Sumerians and Akkadians as a dark demon of the night. For Satanists, she is often represented as a moon goddess and the dark feminine element.

Along with this beautiful handcrafted candle you will receive a prayer card, with a prayer for Lilith from my Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book - and instructions on how to energize your candle with the powers of Lilith and make it ready for ritual!

Let this beautiful candle guard your Satanic altar space!

Unscented Candle, Paraffin Wax Blend
5.5 inches tall (13.9 cm)
2 inches wide (5.08 cm)
Prayer Card & Invocation Included!
Made by a Satanic Witch ~

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