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Lilith Queen Of The Night Altar Tapestry Banners & Coverings

Lilith Queen of the Night Altar Tapestry

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A large Lilith altar tapestry for your Satanic ritual space. This detailed tapestry is a larger size, measuring 2ft by 3 ft. 

Lilith is shown in the center surrounded by her creatures of the night. Below her, is her sacred sigil. At her sides, the Lilith Black Moon. Above her is an owl figure.

Lilith is a creature of the night, known as a night monster or night hag and a demon. Her statue shows her holding the rod and circle of Sumerian royalty. She was revered and reviled in ancient times as both a giver and taker of life.

Use this tapestry as a backdrop for your Satanic altar, or place it upon your altar as an altar cloth. Created by Venus Satanas.

Lilith Altar Tapestry - 24 in x 36 in (60.96 cm x 91.44cm)


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