Lilith's Blend Ritual Oil

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Lilith's Blend Ritual oil is handcrafted at the Dark Moon Merchant shop. This oil is created from a personal recipe of oils that I have used in my own rituals to Lilith. It combines watery and lunar elements to create the perfect oil to use in worship and magic rituals for Lilith.

Lilith's Blend ritual oil is created with the scents that correspond with the element of Water and the Moon. Fragrant night blooming flowers and essential resins combine to create an ancient aroma for your rituals to the Queen of the Night.

The Dark Goddess Lilith is protective of women and symbolizes power, strength and independence. Use this oil in a diffuser for meditation, for anointing and for energizing candles.

Also, Lilith's Blend ritual oil is infused with Rose Quartz crystals, symbolic of feminism and the nature of of woman.

Each Oil from the Dark Moon Merchant shop comes with a leaflet and an invocation for charging your oil with magic.

This is a skin safe formula crafted with quality oils, created by a Satanic Witch!

Available in 1/2 oz size


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