Magic Ink Writing Set

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Get 3 (1oz) jars of Black Magic ink, Green Fortune Ink, and Demon's Blood Ink. These are for writing sigils and spells. This is my special series of magic inks made to be used with a dip pen.

The short jars serve as an inkwell. Just dip your pen in and use it for drawing sigils, and for writing spells.

Black Magic Ink is especially useful for creating Demonic Pacts, drawing magic sigils and planetary squares, throwing curses with sigils, and spell writing.

Demon's Blood Magic Ink is especially useful as a substitute for blood signatures. Also, red is a color of power and strength making this ink useful for Satanic spells of power, lust and destruction.

Fortune Green Ink is especially useful for money drawing spells, and spellwork for creating growth, healing and abundance.

Also with this set you get a pack of 10 parchment papers, ready for you to cast any spell you desire!

May the Power of Satan be with you!


1 oz each of Black Magic Ink, Green Fortune Ink & Demon's Blood Ink

10 Parchment papers

1 Dip Pen + 2 Pen Nibs