Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

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The Evil Eye is ever watching!  These stretch bracelets are made with 6mm evil eye beads, alternating with 4mm onyx beads. They are available in black, red or white beads.

In legends, the Evil Eye is a symbol that absorbs or deflects negative energies from those that wish you harm. And, some feel that Onyx brings the wearer inner strength and fortitude, self-discipline, intuition and self mastery.

This Evil Eye bracelet measures 8 inches and stretchy to accommodate just about any wrist size. This bracelet comes with an information leaflet on the properties of the Evil Eye. Add this beautiful piece of magic jewelry to your collection today!


  • Handmade by a Satanic Witch at the Dark Moon Merchant Shop.
  • 8 (20.32cm) Inch stretch design, fits just about any size wrist
  • Made with 6 mm Evil Eye beads and 4 mm Onyx Beads