Onyx Gemstone Leviathan Sigil Bracelet

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Made with Black Onyx beads, this is a beautiful and simple stretch bracelet design. It has 4mm and 6 mm alternating Onyx beads, and a sterling silver bead centerpiece, with a steel crafted Leviathan Cross Sigil pendant.

Onyx is a grounding stone that helps prevent your personal and emotional energy from draining, and strengthens and grounds you. Onyx is often associated with the planetary energies of Saturn.

And the Leivathan Cross sigil is an image that has been adopted by Satanists to represent not only Leviathan, the creature of the seas and the feminine element, but also the alchemical symbol of sulfur and brimstone, connected to the legends Satan.

Handmade by a Satanic Witch at the Dark Moon Merchant Shop!

This bracelet is 7 inches and stretchy to accommodate just about any wrist size. The steel pendant is about 1 inch in length. Add this beautiful piece of Satanic jewelry to your collection today!


  • Handmade by a Satanic Witch at the Dark Moon Merchant Shop.
  • 7 (17.78cm) Inch stretch design, fits just about any size wrist
  • Stainless steel pendant