Revenger Blend Ritual Oil

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Revenger Blend oil is a handcrafted oil made at the Dark Moon Merchant Shop. Revenger Oil is a fiery oil blend used in black magic spells of revenge and justice.

Based on the elemental association of fire and Mars, this peppery oil with dark undertones evokes the essence of black magic, cursing and crossing, and nefarious magic.

Like the energies of Mars, Revenger oil is fast acting and is best used on a specific target, coming to your aid if you are under attack. Revenger oil is infused with Black Obsidian, a defensive and offensive stone that can be used to protect and attack. Use this oil in a diffuser for meditation, for anointing and for energizing candles.

Each Oil from the Dark Moon Merchant shop comes with a leaflet and an invocation for charging your oil with magic.

This is a skin safe formula crafted with quality oils, created by a Satanic Witch!

Available in 1/2 oz size