Sagittarius Zodiac Oil (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

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Work with the energies of Sagittarius and Jupiter in your ritual work with this bottle of Sagittarius Zodiac oil from Sun's Eye.

Zodiac oils allow you to draw on planetary energies for your magic spells. There are 12 houses in the zodiac and each house has it's own ruling planet. These planetary energies have their own unique and useful qualities and they lend a special influence to your spell work.

Sagittarius, ruled by the power of Jupiter, lends an energy of openness and optimism for spell work. Sagittarius Oil is excellent for use in business and travel.

Sagittarius is open and curious and lends itself to investigation and finding meaning in life. The dark side of Sagittarius can be impatient, vengeful and unpredictable.

Your oil comes in a 1/2 oz dropper bottle with a zodiac card included for your reference.


Sagittarius 1/2oz (14.79 ml) Bottle

Zodiac card included

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