Satan's Blend Ritual Oil

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Satan's Blend oil is a handcrafted oil made at the Dark Moon Merchant Shop. Satan's Blend is a warm and invigorating fragrance, specially designed for use in Satanic rituals and worship.

Based on earth and fire elements, and Saturnal energies, Satan's Blend is a dark and earthy toned fragrance laced with a touch of spice. And, like the influences of Saturn, the earthy oils in this blend are designed for grounding and focusing. This makes Satan's Blend the perfect choice for rituals and worship of Satan.

Satan's Blend is also infused with Black Tourmaline crystals that attract dark energies. Use Satan's Blend oil in a diffuser for meditation, for anointing and for energizing candles for spell work.

Each Oil from the Dark Moon Merchant shop comes with a leaflet and an invocation for charging your oil with magic.

This is a skin safe formula crafted with quality oils, created by a Satanic Witch!

Available in 1/2 oz size