Selenite Crystal Dagger

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Tap in to lunar energies with this Selenite hand carved Ritual Dagger. Selenite is a stone that is known for it's high spiritual vibration, so it makes a powerful tool for opening a magic circle, casting spells or working with lunar magic. Selenite is a colorless stone that is said to increase inner vision and bring clarity and focus for the mind.

Selenite is named after the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, Selene (Roman: Luna). Her powers reigned over the night, bringing sleep and dreams, but also providing a guiding light for hunters and warriors. She was also thought to control time and phases of the moon. In another of her legends, Selene kept her mortal lover Endymion eternally imprisoned in a state of sleep to keep him captive.

This is a beautiful white translucent stone that reflects light - photos just don't do it justice! Selenite is a special crystal that needs specific care. To care for this dagger you will be given an information sheet on proper storage and handling.

Details: Hand carved Selenite Dagger

Measures: 7.5 - 8.5 inches (average) 22.86 cm