The Satanic Rituals - Anton Szandor LaVey

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The Satanic Rituals book by Anton LaVey is the companion to the Satanic Bible. In this companion book, LaVey gives instruction on the meaning and purpose of Satanic ritual, guiding you through the psychology of this dark art.

This book was created during the time of the formation of the Church of Satan, and the rituals served as a guide for those who gathered together to celebrate Satan in secret.

From this book you will gain an understanding of Anton LaVey's vision for the early Church of Satan. Some of the rituals include Le Messe Noir, or the Black Mass, a rendition of the original Satanic Masses performed by the Church of Satan. LaVey also makes use of mythology in his ritual workings that draw from sources such as the Knights Templar, along with French and German influences.

There is also a rendition of the Al-Jilwah, a creationist story that is believed to have Satanic influence. Towards the end are the famous Satanic Baptism rites.

The Satanic Rituals offers a more complete look into the mythology and psychology of LaVeyan Satanic ritual, laying the foundation for what we know today. While many of the rituals in this book are meant for group gatherings there are a few that are aimed at solo practitioners, or can be creatively adjusted to suit your style. 


  • Softcover, 220 pages
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