White Sage Smudge Bundle

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Sage belongs in every Witches magical cabinet. Since ancient times, sage has been a part of ceremonies and rituals and it has a long history of lore and magical use.

Sage has a sweet, herbacious and woody aroma. The ancient Romans used sage as an offering to Jove (Jupiter), which gave us it's Latin name, salvia - meaning 'healing and preserving". Because of it's planetary influence, sage is well suited for expansion, gain, business success, fortune and prosperity. The title of "Sage" describes someone who is wise, so it's legends describe it as a useful herb for clarity and wisdom.

Sage has been given many correspondences over the centuries, from a lunar herb for it's wisdom and growth, to a herb that was thought to represent earth elements. Overall, it is a great universal type of herb to use for whatever needs you wish to project.

To use a Sage bundle, light the end of it and let it smolder. Then you can smudge, or use it as an energizing force for ritual tools, your ritual space, doorways or simply for it's aromatic effects.

You get one Sage bundle, hand tied, with an instruction leaflet describing it's properties and uses.


1 Sage Bundle, approx. 7 x 1.5 to 1.75 in wide (17.78 x 3.81, 4.44 cm)

Information leaflet